Drew Drechsel is about to be the Real Life Dad

April Beckner and Drew Drechsel are expecting their first baby in December.

Gym owner. Trainer. Top American Ninja Warrior. Drew Drechsel has quite the resumé and busy life. And it’s about to get a whole lot busier!

On Friday, Drew took to Instagram to announce that he and April Beckner, his girlfriend, are expecting a baby boy in December! April is also a Ninja Warrior trainer at New Era Ninjas in Connecticut. The Ninja Warrior life is starting before birth for this little guy! One day he could have Mom AND Dad as coaches!

The cuteness is already about as real as it gets. LOOK AT THIS TEENY TINY OUTFIT!

Drew has faced some pretty daunting challenges and obstacles on the show. But he’s now getting ready for by far the biggest challenge and adventure yet!

We can say for sure that Drew will be making a return to the National Finals this year, as we just saw him win the Speed Pass at the Atlanta Qualifiers. Now more than ever before, he’s got a big reason to want to put that $1 million in the bank! We hear diaper bills rack up pretty quickly.

Congratulations to April and Drew! We wish them a smooth pregnancy and healthy little guy before the holidays!


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