Drew Drechsel’s Sasuke appearance came to a slippery end

He was disqualified during the Japanese competition.

American Ninja Warrior Drew Drechsel (season 10’s last Ninja standing) recently participated in Sasuke 36. This was his eighth time taking part in the competition which inspired the American version. Drew’s accomplishments aren’t limited to the USA either. In the Japanese competition, he’s made it to third stage for the past six trips. However, things didn’t go quite how the veteran athlete planned this time around. A wet course led to a disqualification in the second stage.

(In the video above, you can watch Drew’s runs at the 1:43.10 mark and the 2:18.17 mark.)

Drew cleared the first stage with his usual speed, hitting the buzzer with 29.4 seconds left on the clock.

(Check out this scary balance obstacle!)

Back for the second stage, Drew proved why he said he wasn’t nervous about American Ninja Warrior’s new Water Walls at the National Finals. He’s repeatedly completed a water obstacle on Sasuke called Backstream.

However, when Drew slid down the ending ramp while soaking wet, he slipped off the course. This resulted in his disqualification.

Among the shocked competitors and viewers they showed on the sidelines, we spotted another American Ninja Warrior. Jon Alexis Jr. looked just as upset as we felt.

Obviously, Drew wasn’t happy with such a small thing ending his bid for Total Victory.

On American Ninja Warrior, we’ve seen how seriously Drew takes moments like this. He seemed to have taken it in stride, but we’re betting he’s chomping at the bit for another chance at this competition.


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