Here are the advancing competitors on The Titan Games

We’ll update this each week as more Titans are revealed.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Titan Games is NBC’s newest athletic competition hit. Below, you can find the names of the competitors who’ve won each episode.

Each week, eight athletes (four men and four women) all vie for the title of Titan. To get there, they need to take on and win an other-worldly challenge and then head to the intimidating Mount Olympus. Later in the season, the Titans will return for another round of battles to determine who will be the last Titans (male and female) standing.

Each week, we’ll update this article with the advancing athletes.

Premiere (episodes one and two, January 3)

James Jean-Louis

 Vivian Zink/NBC

Emily Andzulis

 Vivian Zink/NBC

Charity Witt

 Vivian Zink/NBC

Cole Wadsworth

 Vivian Zink/NBC

Episode three (January 10)

Coming soon.

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