Last season’s injury didn’t stop Angela Gargano’s return to the course

She tore her ACL on Ninja Warrior last year and was determined to return.

Angela Gargano’s third season of American Ninja Warrior marked an important return for her. Season 10 in Philadelphia, Angela was dismounting from the Wingnuts when the landing tore her ACL.

The debilitating injury would understandably set anyone back. But Angela was determined to keep charging forward. She spent 11 months focused on rehab and recovery. When the course was set up in Baltimore, she was ready. During the Qualifiers, Angela gave the obstacles her all. She would end up in the water on the new Hazard Cones, but her focus would inspire all who saw her.

Read on to learn more about how Angela moved past the scary fall and came back stronger for season 11.

“It was really hard to deal with honestly, the first two months. I mean my career is my body and it was really tough for me to sit back and be like, wow, like I really can’t do anything. I really need to shut down, but it really made me sit back and be really grateful for my body and really realize what else I could do with it. So I think that, yeah, it was tough, definitely after, but I see now a year later and only a year later do I really fully see, why it actually happened and I think it did happen for a reason.”

“I honestly feel super prepared and I feel a lot stronger than I thought it was going to feel.

My motivation is all the people who reached out to me after I hurt myself and they look to me for inspiration, to get passed an injury because having an injury can be career ending, life ending, it really drains you. So my inspiration is for them, to show them that you can come back from it and you can come back stronger.”

“I feel like American Ninja Warrior just means … First of all, the community of people. It’s a community. It’s not just, you know, American Ninja Warrior, like one person. This is a community of people who all come together. We all become stronger together. We all are warriors because we want to beat this impossible course, but we all want to do it together.

I think they want them to remember my tenacity. I want them to remember my grind, and really remember me for really pushing myself and showing that I really did come back 10 times stronger than I was last year.”

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