Look back at season 10: The Dallas course

We saw the Mega Wall conquered for the first time.

American Ninja Warrior kicked off its 10th season in Dallas, TX. During the Qualifiers, Daniel Gil showed us that the Mega Wall was possible. Mathis Owhadi proved the 19-year-olds were out to make a name for themselves. In the City Finals, the Nail Clipper returned with a vengeance. Five Ninjas made their way to the buzzer.

Go through all the action with these articles:

The course:

Floating Steps (Qualifiers)

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Archer Steps (City Finals)

Catch and Release

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Bouncing Spider

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Tuning Forks (Qualifiers)

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Broken Bridge (City Finals)

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Crank It Up

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Warped Wall/Mega Wall

Salmon Ladder

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Nail Clipper

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Fall Out

 Cooper Neill/NBC

Spider Trap


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