Mark Hamill will attend a body building and Ninja Warrior competition

We didn’t see that coming, but we like it!

After all the time we’ve spent studying Ninjas, it’s rare for us to see something online that literally makes us stop and go, “Wait, what did she just say?” That happened today when we spotted Michelle Warnky’s Instagram post.

All seems pretty standard at first. Cool event coming up, getting the details out there, talking additional runs, sponsors, Mark Hamill. The norm.

….Hang on a second. Mark Hamill?

As in… Luke Skywalker… at a Ninja Warrior event?

Here’s the gist of what’s going down. The Arnold Amateur is taking place February 28 through March 3, in Columbus, Ohio. The event is a “Amateur NPC bodybuilding, fitness figure, bikini and physique championships.”

And yes, we’re talking about that THAT Arnold. “The Arnold Amateur is held in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival, which was founded in 1989 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer and has grown into the largest multi-sport festival in the United States.”

There’s a Ninja competition, put on by MLab Ohio, as part of the event on Saturday and Sunday. The top male and female competitors get $5000 and are invited to Arnold Luncheon.

Learn more about that competition here.

Okay, let’s get back to the matter at hand: The completely delightful randomness of Mark Hamill’s attendance at this event. Yes, Matt Iseman will be there to. We love you, Matt, but we need to focus on this new twist for a second.

We needed to make some kind of connection here, so we took to Google.

It does seem that Hamill and Schwarzenegger have known each other for a long time. It does not seem like Hamill has a vast experience in body building. As far as we know, he hasn’t publicly expressed too much interest in Ninja Warrior, but we REALLY want to be corrected if we’re wrong about that!

We DO know that Michelle Warnky is a Star Wars fan, so we’re pretty excited this is happening for her!

Bottom line, folks, we don’t know exactly why Mark Hamill is attending a body building/Ninja Warrior competition, but we’re digging it! Please, please, please someone talk him into trying the course and shout something about the force at him.

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