The greatest buzzers in history: Season 10, round three

Clash of the titans!

Okay, we love watching all these match ups play out, but season 10’s voting for American Ninja Warriors “best buzzer” has something a little special going on.

Amidst all the head-to-head battles, we have a little game play going on. Bootie Cothran and Morgan “Moose” Wright are taking a stand and campaigning for each win. Bootie has beaten out a Ryan Stratis run and bumped a Drew Drechsel run out of the bracket (for the first time in this voting competition, we think). Morgan took out a Jessie Graff run AND a Travis Rosen run.

But now (cue the dramatic music), the bracket has pit Bootie and Morgan against one another! Who will advance?!? We have no clue! You better vote. And vote on all the other match ups in this round while you’re at it.

Ground rules

  • We’re starting with season four in 2012.
    That was the first season the show started traveling from location to location, and that the National Finals were held in Las Vegas. Also, we’re starting with this season because that’s as far back as we can find videos for the runs on one of the two different official YouTube accounts that archive them. This one with G4 and USA Network videos and this one with NBC videos.
  • The run has to have a video on one of those channels.
    We feel it’s important for the voters to be able to watch the runs. That way, even if they weren’t watching way back in 2012, they can still participate in the vote. We realize this excludes buzzer runs that aren’t posted. The system is not perfect. We’ve accepted that.
  • They have to hit a buzzer.
    There are many, MANY ways to qualify a run as great: If the person made history of some kind, if they overcame something, if they just really grit it out. But our mind exploded trying to figure out a bracket of polls that included ALL the runs, so we’re just talking about buzzers this time.
  • The original match ups are pretty random.
    They’re just related to how the videos are sorted on the YouTube pages. No other thought went into it. Oh well. 🙂
  • If an additional run is needed to balance the bracket, we’ll include the “Last Ninja Standing” run of that season. Think of it as a wildcard.
  • We’ll move through all the seasons, and then circle back through the rounds.

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